Bower Blue is a New York–based digital content agency for visual arts and design. We help tell your stories.

Museums, galleries, nonprofits, studios—Bower understands the content needs for a range of clients. Our work—audio, video, social media strategy—is tailored, timely and refined. With our network of writers, editors, photographers and videographers, we create engaging, accessible stories worth sharing.

We operate as an affiliate of Blue Medium, the New York public relations firm founded in 2000. This close connection helps us build strategic relationships in a constantly expanding network.

Ryan Leahey, Bower’s director of digital content, is a writer and editor, with stints at Artsy and Gayletter magazine.

Our name and ethos derive from a fascination with the satin bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus). Native to Australia, this creature is known for its performative mating ritual: the making of an ornate nest, or bower, decorated with bright blue objects. We share a similiar passion for the collection and synthesis of content—the creation of something truly unique.